A Brief Buying Guide to Buy an Ideal Formal Shirt

Published On March 25, 2017 | By Adam Morg | Clothing

Modern men are fashion conscious and willing to try formal clothes of different styles. A few years ago the formal shirt designs worn would include simple patterns and light shades.

Today, patterns and shades have increased because men desire to look stylish and smart. They have become choosy too about the clothes and accessories they buy. If they are in the market to buy formal shirts then there are certain aspects they will consider like type of event, location, and time of day.

Before deciding the formal shirt style you need to buy it is necessary to consider the fabric, features, and fitting process.

Formal Shirt Fabric


  • Cotton shirt can shrink, so to compensate shrinkage add a ½ or full size.
  • Cotton is popular material because it is smooth, longs last, and absorbs body heat.
  • Cotton light shade shirts with simple patterns are ideal for day events.
  • For night parties stick to dark shades.

Synthetic fibers

  • Polyester matches the durability of cotton but does not feel smooth on your skin.
  • It also includes wrinkle free and stain-resistance properties.


  • Silk is a luxury fabric with light drape and high sheen.
  • Silk shirts are worn by royalty but have less longevity.
  • Silk shirt are expensive and even cost more for maintenance, so average people opt for cotton or polyester shirts.
  • Silk shirts look great under artificial lighting system.

Formal Shirt features


  • Point collar shirt is popular because collar points runs at 60° angle.
  • Spread collar has points that run at more than 90°angle.
  • Button down collar includes points that tie up to the formal shirt.


  • Button cuffs on the sleeves wrap around your wrist and prevent the shirt from opening.
  • French cuffs fold back and is attached using cufflinks.


  • Athletic cuts look better on men with wide shoulder.
  • Full cuts are best for large men because the shirt fits loosely on torso section due to extra sewn fabric.

Formal shirt fitting process

For perfect fitting have a tailor take measurement of your chest, arms, and neck. If you do it on your own then take each body part measurement twice. Shirt fits differ from one variety to another, so it is necessary to use measurements, while you choose.


Floral printed shirts are not appropriate for a formal occasion. Select formal shirt design with small checks or stripes with color shades that compliment your pant and blazer. Make sure that the shirt color needs to contrast your trousers because a perfect match can look horrible.

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