Cannabis clones or cannabis seeds

Published On July 11, 2017 | By Adam Morg | Shopping

When you decide to grow cannabis plants indoors or outdoors, one of the first questions that you may have in mind is whether you need to use the actual seeds or the cannabis clones. If you want to choose the right option, you should have a basic idea about these two sources, the pros and cons of each and their suitability to the infrastructure that you have got at your place. For some fundamental concepts about these two factors, read on to know more:

Clones – meaning, advantages and disadvantages

Today, there are lots of advancements in the breeding technique of cannabis plants. Choosing cannabis clones is one such technique if you are looking for a better yield. A clone is a root cutting from a mother plant. It has the same characteristics (like the indica/sativa ratio, potency, flavour, odour, etc.) as that of the mother plant. This mother is a female plant; therefore, when you use clones for growing cannabis, you can be sure that you are going to grow female plants.

One of the major advantages of these marijuana clones is that you know the sex of the plant. Secondly, they can be easily grown indoors. You can be sure that these clones are loaded with all the genetic characters of their mother plants. Therefore, their germination phase is not affected by the external environment and internal ambience.

That doesn’t mean that these clones are perfect for you. They have certain disadvantages as well. Firstly, plants that are grown from clones are smaller and weaker. Therefore the quantity and quality of yield is compromised upon. Secondly, the plants are not stable because they are grown from root cuttings already and do not develop a tap root. Due to the lack of the tap root, cannabis plants grown from clones can easily get damaged from heavy rains or winds.

Seeds – meaning, advantages and disadvantages

Marijuana seeds are the regular seeds that you grow. They are perfect for growing plants outdoors and indoors as well.  Most of the traditional growers start with regular seeds, in which there is an equal chance of getting male and female plants. So, if you want to grow around 10 plants, you need to buy at least 20 seeds, assuming that 50% of the growth would be female. Today, these seeds have undergone a lot of evolution and you get feminized seeds and autoflowering feminized seeds as well, which make the process simpler for you. When you buy feminized seeds, you can be sure that your plant would grow up to be a female only. When you buy autoflowering feminized seeds, the plants would automatically get into the flowering stage, unaffected by internal and external factors.

Plants that grow from marijuana seeds are stronger, healthier and stable. They can withstand all kinds of extreme weather conditions and give a good yield. The cannabis smoothies made from the buds grown this way is highly potent and gives you a rich dosage of anti-oxidants. You can mix it with healthy ingredients like parsley, spinach, cucumber, and lemon to enjoy a refreshing drink.


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