Different Types of Indian Jewelry to Buy

Published On February 5, 2018 | By Adam Morg | Jewelry

Culture and tradition are the two treasured gifts of India. Jewellery is considered to be the representation of these two. It has remained the most important part of a woman’s life since many decades. The art of wearing it is as distinct as the art of making it. These help women in beautifying their neck, fingers, ears, waist, hair, ankles, arms, forehead, and nose. Indian jewelry varies as per the attire of women. The theme, design, and style vary as per the color and dress worn by an Indian woman. To make it more appealing and attractive, it is carved with stones, diamonds, metal, and other stuff.

Different types of Indian jewelry:

Antique Jewelry:

As the name depicts, antique jewelry belongs to the ancient times. The production is no longer possible but its ancient existence increases its value. Such jewelry is rough and dull in looks but it has a rare charm not many would understand.

Gold Jewelry:

Gold is one of the rare metals that attract many. It adds to your security during financial crisis. The value of gold always increases. This metal is termed to be an auspicious thing in Hindu customs.

Handmade jewelry:

Handmade ornaments have a different craze altogether. As the name depicts, it is made with hands and not machines. The craftsmen put a lot of efforts in making such ornaments with their bare hands. Tibet and Rajasthan jewelry have gained more popularity in this category.

Kundan Jewerly:

Kundan has a beautiful relation with gold jewelry. During the Mughal era, the art of Kundan work spread from Delhi to Rajasthan. Rajasthan was then considered to be the headoffice for Kundankari ornaments. These are beautifully crafted with gold to add to the beauty of jewelry.

Meenakari Jewelry:

Meenakari Jewerly consists of precious stones that are again combined in gold ornaments. The art of crafting this jewelry was introduced by Raja Mansingh of Amer. Craftsmen from Lahore were invited to teach art to their local craftsmen.

Silver Jewelry:

Silver Jewellery gives you a modern touch. It has a second place in terms of value and purchase after gold.  Variety of ornaments from chains, necklaces, rings, and bracelets to rings, earrings, kadas, and armlets are available in silver.

Tribal Jewelry:

Tribal is another rich and valuable jewelry in India. Each tribe has a distinct design and theme to follow. These are made from bones, wood, clay, shells, and other crude metal. It has a rustic look and a distinct charm.

The above jewelry can either be combined with each other or chosen as per your budget. Every type of jewelry mentioned above varies in its style, design, color, and price. It really depends what do you like the most as per your requirement.

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