Five Useful Tips to Buy the Best Wooden Watch

Published On February 3, 2017 | By Adam Morg | Shopping

Here is a quiz for you all. What has been around before us, yet always with us? It affects us every moment until we die. It’s TIME of course! While time is infinite, the way we check it has changed over time. We have used everything and progressed with time. It began from sundial, to pocket watch and then now to smartphones. But now, we are going to shift back to wristwatch with an echo-twist!

It’s high time we accessorize ourselves in an eco-friendlier way, isn’t it? Wooden watches are simply pleasant to wear. Plus, what better way to remind us of the beauty of nature than to actually wear it! These wooden watches for men or women are light and give a pleasant feeling.

Choosing the right wooden watch could be challenging. With so many variants in the market, it can be quite a task. Here are some guidelines following which would help you get a wooden watch that will be worthwhile to cling on to.

Choose a Stylish Wooden Watch

If you are out to buy a wooden watch, make sure it has a clean and smart look. The style for men’s and women’s watch must be contemporary and updated. Make sure you don’t end up selecting those big clunky watches that resemble a toddler’s toy!

Look for Variety

Any top-notch company easily offers at least 50-60 variants of watches. If they don’t, they are just not taking their job seriously! So, take your time to scan through all the styles and then decide over them.

Finish and Quality Movement

The finish is a very important factor. The wooden watch must have a refined and polished look. Each link must give out an impression that it was carved and polished individually. If it looks dull or rough, don’t give a second thought over it. A bad finish simply means that it wasn’t made with care and won’t last long. Make sure that the wooden watch is battery powered by a reputed company. If the company is not reputed, then just don’t buy. It might not keep up to your expectation.

Check the Features

The contemporary wooden watches present in the market do more than simply telling time. Some may even have state-of-the-art features like self-winding, moon phases etc. So, never compromise on features, whatever your style may be!

Evaluate the Warranty Terms

Make sure your wooden watch has a clear warranty. Ensure to ask questions like:

  1. Where would the servicing or repair center be?
  2. What is the cost for repair?
  3. How long it would take for servicing it?

All these issues must be clearly stated in the service warranty.

A watch is an integral part of person. There’s something so deeply satisfying, embedded in the fashion culture about glancing at our wrist to check the time. It is exotic collection of sort. Treasured by many, choosing a wooden watch could be challenging, but with these guidelines you will be ready. Hope these guidelines helped!

Author Bio:  John is an expert in Horology and a collector by nature. His love for watches led him to write the above guest post and many more in the niche.

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