Four Kinds of Polo Shirts the Market Offers Today

Published On November 16, 2016 | By Adam Morg | Clothing

A polo shirt is a timeless piece of clothing you can easily get from your wardrobe if your boss wants you in a meeting in a few minutes or if your friend invites you to watch a football game. It is go-to attire for men around the globe. Men can use them for both casual and formal looks; however, it is worth paying attention to the occasion and the different fits available. Today, you can find a lot of fits and styles of individual and wholesale polo shirts to pick from.

Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

This polo shirt is great for the unpredictable days if the weather is warm now and becomes chilly after a minute. You can just roll the sleeves while the heat rises and keep them down to enjoy the warmth and warmth on your arms. Usually, you can wear the long sleeve in a smart-casual setting as it can replicate a typical smart shirt. But it can also be perfectly worn with a pair of jeans and boots.

Original Fit Polo Shirt

This polo shirt is a bit less fitted, offering men a larger frame and more comfort. They tend to loosely fit on the body allowing you to freely move. Its collar offers you a bit more space looking to eliminate movement restrictions. This is a great choice whether you are a casual golfer, a man who prefers to just watch tennis instead of play it or an athlete.


Regular Fit Polo Shirt

This polo shirt was introduced into the market for guys who wished to experiment more on their style with fits that depicted contemporary times. Looking at this polo shirt, you will notice that its style does not have much difference with an original polo shirt, except that its fit and sleeves are not as loose as the original fit. This suits a contemporary man with some experimenting with the buttons and collar. Often, this polo shirt is worn for playing sports with friends or in a more casual setting. A lot of people buy wholesale blank t-shirts and polo shirts to give out during some occasions.

Slim Fit

This suits a younger slimmer guy who experiments with his style. Basically, it takes your body’s shape and suits a slim toned chap. Its sleeves take the curves of your chest, biceps and triceps emphasizing your abs. Whether you are hanging out, at a gig or watching bastketball, this polo shirt is definitely a stylish option.


Author Bio: Joe Nelson is a wholesaler. His business offers various clothing options including wholesale polo shirts.

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