Four Things to Consider When Shopping for a Driveway Alert System

Published On December 17, 2016 | By Adam Morg | Shopping

Protecting your home and family against intruders is a significant part of homeownership. To safeguard your property against unwanted entry, install a driveway alarm. If you don’t have familiarity with them, the buying process can be very confusing.

A wireless driveway system enhances the chances of homeowners to stop intruders before they enter your house. Such system is beneficial for homes situated off the road or those with long driveways. The system can alert the homeowner or authorities if an intruder enters the property. The typical range for an alert system for driveways is from 400 feet to 2500 feet. Below are some tips which will help you as you shop for the right driveway alarm system.

Wired vs Wireless System

As you shop for the right driveway alarm system, you will find two kinds to pick from. The conventional kind is wired and the newer systems are wireless. These kinds have their pros and cons so it’s important to decide the factors which matter more to you.

In general, a driveway alert system wireless is more dependable; however, it will cost more, particularly when your driveway is quite long. Installation of wireless systems is quite easy; however, you will need to worry about battery change and things of such nature.


If you are shopping for an alarm system, look for one which can cover your driveway’s entire expanse. Because it can be important to have a home sensor, you wish to ensure there’s nothing that stops you from being totally protected. Those who prefer to have wired system will need to ensure they have bought wiring which is lengthy enough to offer driveway protection.

Kinds of Alerts

There are many kinds of alert available and you have to try to choose the one which will provide the most benefit to you. In case you don’t sleep heavily, you can purchase a system which transmits a text or call to alert you. Those who sleep heavier will go for blaring alerts that can wake them up from their sleep. People who have difficulty hearing can avail of systems with visual and vibrating alerts.

Method of Detection

A number of alarm systems detect everything or everybody which goes into the yard. Although this may seem like a bonus, it can become a nuisance. You surely don’t want to be alerted each time a wild a neighborhood cat or a wild animal wanders through your yard. A number of systems are available to detect if cars or people enter your space. You will find this more convenient; however, remember that such kind of system can be more expensive.

Shopping for a driveway alarm system doesn’t need to be rocket science. Spending time and considering information here help you avoid having any issues as you search for an alarm system you are satisfied with. If you are looking for a system ensure it meets your needs and wants in all aspects which will provide you the maximum satisfaction level.

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