How to Buy the Best Pearls? – Know all the Features to Look for

Published On December 10, 2016 | By Adam Morg | Jewelry

Pearl jewellery has always been popular amongst women of all ages. It is one of those eternal pieces of jewellery, which never goes out of fashion. However, due to the increased popularisation of the pearl jewellery, people have found ways to incorporate fake jewellery into the real ones. That is why, it is difficult to recognise between the real and fake and many a times we end up paying more for the fake one.

However, there are some ways and tips by which you can identify the real out of fake and avoid being conned. In this article, we will be talking about how one can purchase good quality cultured pearls and what are the various features to look for.

What is meant by a cultured pearl and how to find them?


These days, the natural pearls are hard to find and extract. As a result, people can now find various artificial methods to produce pearls. These pearls, which are produced artificially, are known as cultured pearls. In this, a small bead is planted into an oyster and after days, there are multiple layers of various minerals and proteins are deposited on it, which makes it appear more natural. Here are some ways to find the best-cultured pearl –

  • First, you need to find the best store to buy your pearl. This will ensure that the pearl, which you are buying, is of the best quality.
  • The natural colour of any pearl is often called as the body colour. While some pearls may have an appearance of pink, white, cream or black colour, there are some overtones of the pearls as well. These tones are reflected from the surface of the pearl.
  • Lustre plays a very important role. You need to make sure that the pearl, which you are buying, has the maximum natural lustre that lasts long.

Know some more tips and features

Some of the other features to look for in a cultured pearl are its shape. Cultured pearls are found in a variety of shapes including round, oval, teardrop etc. All these shapes at best quality can be obtained from the They have the best collection.

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