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Published On May 30, 2018 | By Adam Morg | Shopping

Men, take note: the shape of your face determines the kind of sunglasses you should pick. We compile an easy guide.

The summer is upon us, and out come the sunglasses. But while every other person seems to be wearing sunglasses, have you noticed that only a few people look really good in them? Is it down to the person’s looks or the brand of the sunglasses?

It is neither – it is because the wearer has matched the shape of his face to the shape of the sunglasses for men. It is like picking the right kind of clothing for your body type – when you offset the angles and contours of your face with a complementary pair of sunglasses, it makes you look even better than you normally do.

If you’re looking at your favourite shopping app for new sunglasses for men, this is how you should match them with the shape of your face:

* Square or rectangular. Many men have square or rectangular-shaped faces, where the jawline is such that it slots the face in a symmetrical, longer shape. The chin may be a little prominent, while if the face is thinner then the cheekbones may be a little prominent as well. This face shape can be softened by introducing rounded lines on the face via your sunglasses. Aviator sunglasses, or brow line types are best, while even a completely round frame is a good option to try as well.

* Heart shaped. Does it surprise you to know that even men can have heart-shaped faces? It shouldn’t, because lots of men do – and it’s a very attractive shape, too. The narrowest part of the face is the chin, while the broadest part is at the temples. So sunglasses for men that have frames broader at the top than at the bottom accentuate the shape of the face really well. Try sport frames, or brow line or even retro squared frames.

* Oval. Oval faces are the most common among Indian men, especially among thinner, younger age groups. This type of face is longer than it is wider, and it is more versatile than other shapes because there is hardly any frame for men’s sunglasses that will not look good with it. Still, men with oval faces are better off with Aviators, retro square or round sunglasses for the best visual impact.

* Round. You would think that a round face would be like a complete circle, but that’s not how this shape goes. In fact, it is widest at the ear line and narrower at the hairline and jawline. Thus, men with round faces need shades that offset the round shape. Pick men’s sunglasses with square or retro square frames – these look the best and balance the face’s symmetry.

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