How to Ensure you Shop a Prom Dress Right

Published On October 24, 2018 | By Adam Morg | Shopping

Prom is a special time and you want to plan correctly to ensure everything goes smoothly. For this occasion, the prom dress is something you will never want to take lightly. Although you can easily buy your dress, there are ways that you could screw up and pick the wrong dress for your prom night. Knowing the following mistakes will help you avoid them altogether.

Not Having a Clear Budget

You don’t want to try on elegant designer dresses and gowns only to find out you cannot afford one of them. It is really disappointing to fall in love with something you cannot have. You can avoid this by setting a budget you can stick to in the first place. Ensure you tell the salesperson from the start how much you can spend on a dress.

Not Being Open-Minded about Dress Shopping

Perhaps you already know what you want to wear based on your taste or the pictures you have seen. But, the majority of attendants are knowledgeable of colors and body types and may choose a dress for you. Do not dismiss their recommendations and consider what they pick for you. Also, inform them about clothing restrictions you may have at your school.

Ignoring Proper Storage

Scrunching a prom dress in the back of the closet can damage it. Even if it is just two days or hours away, your dress can get messy. To make sure your prom dress looks perfect when it is time to wear it on your prom night, protect and hung it properly before storing it.

Not Considering Tailoring

Ensure you choose a shop that does alterations. In terms of prom dresses, there is no one-size-fits-all. Everyone has different body types so you want to work with a shop with their own tailoring service. Also, even if you are buying a petite prom dress, consider tailoring. If you are buying the dress online, have it tailored after you receive it. However, if you buy it from a regular store, get it altered in-store.

Failing to Pay Attention to the Straps

You don’t want to buy a dress with straps that keep falling off your shoulders. Thus, ensure the straps fit properly before you buy the dress. You could get the straps adjusted right away if they don’t fit. The last thing you want is to pin the straps on to the dress using safety pins.

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