If you Don’t Want to Shop for Holiday Party Invites, Make Them!

Published On December 11, 2016 | By Adam Morg | Shopping

Holiday parties include Hanukka gatherings, Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve celebrations, baked good exchanges and hideous sweater-themed shindigs. In fact, there are a lot more to these. However, each holiday party has the same vital ingredient which is people. And people will only come to your party when they know about it. To get the word out, whip up some custom Christmas invitations. Here are some steps to follow.

Choose a Vibe for your Holiday Party Invites

This will inform your guests whether the affair means leaving their kids and sipping champagne or attending a holiday punch party. Your party’s vibe will determine everything from choices of food and drinks to decorations and music and it must be reflected in the design and wording of your invitations. This ensures that your guests will not show up to a holiday cookout in cocktail dress.

After you decide to whether have an elegant dinner party, BYOP afternoon potluck or something very different, you can easily design and word your party invites.

Know Essential Information and Invitation Wording

After knowing the type of party you are hosting, convey such information to your possible guests. Consider what you have to say so you don’t get thousands of phone calls, texts or emails for questions later. Information that you will have to include in your invitations includes.

  • Time, date and place
  • If it is a pet part or a kind-friendly event
  • Whether an RSVP is required
  • Whether plus-ones are allowed of they have the included in the RSVP.
  • What to bring, libations, gift for an exchange, food, etc.
  • Theme information

Okay now you know what you have to say. However, how do you want to say it? Invitation wording for holiday parties also reflects your party’s vibes. For instance: Please be with us for a holiday dinner party at 7 in the evening” is different than saying, “Food and great times begin at 7!”

Use your holiday party invites to say anything you want. It is your party after all so write whatever you want. Phrases such as “You’re invited” and “Please join us” always do the trick.

Choose a Holiday Invitation Template and Customize

Select the best christmas invitation template from the many choices you can find online. Just ensure you customize it as much as you want. When designing your invitations consider the factors below.

  • Color scheme. Depending upon your project, 2-3 colors are often the sweet spot. Consider the mood you wish your invitation to evoke or the holiday that you are celebrating.
  • Fonts. Fonts also evoke different feelings. Ensure you come up with invites which feel whimsical with a font such Budmo Jiggler. Don’t forget to keep the words readable and avoid bringing in too many fonts so your design will not look polished.

When your holiday party invitations are ready, snail mail or mail them to the people you wish to celebrate the event with.

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