Non Woven Bag, A Highly Effective Option To Replace Plastic Bags

Published On May 7, 2017 | By Adam Morg | Shopping

Nowadays, non woven bags even really are a new material but gaining popularity within our existence. They, using their advantages for example: soft, durable, cheap, multiple-use, safe to atmosphere and our overall health and particularly can decomposed very quickly, are playing among key elements in atmosphere protection campaigns. Meanwhile, plastic bags are classified as an excellent invention because of waterproof ability, cheap cost and sustainability in natural caused many damages to the atmosphere and health. To make sure a secure atmosphere for the generations, using biodegradable plastic bags to exchange regular bags is essential but production cost of these bags is simply too high. So non woven bags appear to become a highly effective choice. Please take a look at some advantages that non woven bags provide us:

1. No poison: original non woven fabric are natural plastic, so non woven bags are extremely ecological friendly. After three to six several weeks, they’re completely decomposed in natural atmosphere departing no poison on earth and totally could be reused. The substances generated following this process will give you good diet for trees and soil. Meanwhile, regular plastic bags are manufactured from oils, gases and additives mainly tend to be heavy metals, pigments… very harmful substances to the health insurance and atmosphere. Plastic bag manufacturing process creates lots of toxic CO2 polluting towards the atmosphere, growing the green house effect and alter global climate. These bags take presctiption landfills that prevent oxygen ingress with the soil, cause soil erosion, make soil poor, not porous, less diet, make plants develop gradually. More severe the water and soil polluted by plastic bags will affect directly and not directly to human health. So using non woven bags would be to safeguard the atmosphere and our overall health.

2. Easy decomposition: non woven fabric is made of lengthy fibers, glued together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment that may decompose completely within three to six several weeks within the natural atmosphere. So non woven bags can complete their existence cycle in an exceedingly small amount of time while plastic bags need hundred to a large number of year to achieve that. With this particular non poisonous feature, non woven fabric bags appear to become an ecological friendly alternative that lead to keep a lengthy habitat for the generation.

3. Cheap cost: regular plastic bags are famous our existence due to cheap cost, easy use and lightweight weight. Meanwhile, biodegradable plastic ones are three to four occasions more pricey than regular ones. Even no CO2, no metal, no toxic dioxin however their cost is simply too costly and hard for customers to accept. If can’t utilized in time, biodegradable bags are also decomposed by oxygen and sunlight. Whenever we compare the price to make a plastic bag having a non woven bag, a non woven bag is unquestionably more pricey than the usual plastic bag. However, because of washable ability, non woven bags could be reused many occasions also it appears to become less expensive than plastic ones. So non-woven bags are an ideal solution for reconciling economic benefit and ecological sanitation.

You may be searching for expensive gifts for your employees or clients. However, corporate gift ideas would entail gifts items that would be promoting your employees or your business to clients. A non woven bag would be a great corporate gift suitable to your business promotion needs in the best manner possible.

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