Pre-purchase Inspection Of Used Car Is Crucial

Published On February 15, 2018 | By Adam Morg | Shopping

Buying used car can be daunting. You are anxious whether the car you are about to purchase is well-maintained and safe without any not-so-shiny past.

Take your mechanic to inspect the pre owned Mercedes. Paying inspection charges is wise to save significantly in future.

Tips on pre-purchase inspection of used cars

Car Exteriors

  • Check for scratches, rust or dents
  • Feel the edges between panels for coarseness due to masking tape during pant job
  • Check for waves on the vehicle body sides from back and front
  • Make sure that belts [no cracks] and hoses [not soft] under hood are in perfect condition
  • Ask if timing belt is replaced or not [failure of timing belts can be catastrophic to engine and other parts]
  • Tires come with a price and you don’t desire to spend hundreds on new tires, soon.
  • If car mileage is not much but the tires are bald or worn means tires are replaced and mileage revealed is wrong.
  • Car with lot of mileage having new tires is not strange because they possibly have been replaced. Your mechanic checks the tread and identifies when replacement is needed.

  • All tires need to match with one another because they can wear unevenly and need premature replacement.
  • Check alignment because car gets drifted or cause uneven wearing or drivers find it hard to steer. It can be fixed easily but helps while negotiating the price.
  • Inspect engine for signs or corrosion or leaks.
  • Check transmission with engine running and look if the fluid is red or pink. The smell should never be burnt.
  • Check the frames for welding marks because damaged bolt heads, doorjambs, and front fenders can be covered.
  • Brake and head lights need to be in working condition.

Car Interiors

  • Look at car condition. If it is in working order then invest in it.
  • Check car seats and floor carpets for wear and stains
  • Trunk needs to be looked around carefully for signs of rust, leaks, and wear.
  • Air conditioning system needs proper inspection of hoses, pipes, and core mechanical components.
  • Test drive at high speed and press brakes very hard.
  • Avoid slamming hard on the brakes making the vehicle skid or get involved in an accident.
  • Check brakes in an empty parking space

It is crucial to have the pre owned car inspected by professionals. It enable buyer to feel confident and safe, while making payments.

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