Should Men Put on Makeup?

Published On August 14, 2016 | By Adam Morg | Makeup

I received a phone call at the office a couple of days ago from the friend who sounded frantic. “Dale, I’ve got a huge pimple on my small nose!” he cried. “It is bad. Uh, can there be in whatever way you could pay for it with a few of this stuff?” He was talking about concealer even though he’ll remain nameless obviously, I helped him pay for it and thought this cosmetic anecdote may help us ease in to the subject of ‘men putting on makeup.’ It’s more prevalent than you believe.

Have you watch the Oscars red carpet coverage last Sunday? In situation you missed it Julia Roberts stole the show together with her excessively exaggerated pose popping her leg from her gown as though her leg was the greatest new ornament. However, it had been a glowing Kaira who caught attention. I could not help but notice Pitt’s unnaturally pretty complexion. It is common understanding all actors put on makeup on set, however i observed he was putting on foundation, concealer, a little bit of light shadow and certainly some highlighter. lately conducted market research among several ‘urban professionals’ and 20% in men stated it had been perfectly fine to put on makeup. Actually, concealer is towards the top of their email list of suggested cosmetics for males.

I’d never pressure a man into putting on light makeup, unless of course he desired to. Could it be fair that whenever a lady includes a vibrant red blemish on the center of her brow or bags under her eyes, she will simply us dot on a little bit of concealer, however a man can’t? I’ll leave the concealer debate your decision, but you will find three subtle products I believe every man should own beginning with eye-cream. Applying eye-cream every evening is a great move since it keeps the fragile skin around eyes moisturized and may also can sort out under-eye circles and puffiness. Men also needs to put on sun block every single day. You will find sunscreens which are very lightweight and may simply participate your morning routine. Depending on the skin tone, owning some kind of man tanner is quite common. I do not suggest going anywhere near a Jersey Shore shade, but “sun tone enhancers,” and men’s bronzers are products it is simple to get in shops.

I had been lately hired to complete makeup and styling around the group of a promo shoot. The reduced budget commercial was for any new I-phone application within the San Francisco Bay Area starring a guy and lady. When I finished applying her fake eyelashes, the director stated, “be sure to do his makeup too,” pointing towards the male lead. I applied light concealer and a few contouring with bronzer. He wondered what his fiancĂ© would think when she saw him and appeared rather uncomfortable using the makeup process, until he looked within the mirror. “Wow, that stuff does indeed really make a difference,Inch he stated. It sure does and when your day comes when you choose to test out concealer, make sure to combine well or ask a reliable female for any couple of pointers.

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