The Popularity of Male Grooming

Published On March 4, 2017 | By Adam Morg | Shopping

Male grooming is booming as an industry, with more money being spent on toiletries aimed specifically at men than shaving products each year. The first time this happened was in 2013 and it has continued to grow in popularity since, especially with the rise in popularity of beards and top knots and all the grooming required to maintain those looks. Hipster chic is very much here for the long haul and as a result male grooming products are ever popular, as evident in the rise of subscription gift box sets for men that are increasing too in popularity.

Traditionally men would spend money on their shaving products and little else, relying on partners and family members to purchase their aftershave as Christmas or birthday gifts. In those circumstances an average man might be looking at a top up in grooming products just a couple of times per year. The fact that there are no popular male only subscription gift box sets highlights how popular male grooming has become, as this sector was once the sole preserve of female beauty products before expanding into other areas.


With the popularity of male grooming increasing and marketing companies spending more and more money on exquisite packages of young fashionable men with the look that men and their partners crave, it’s not wonder that more is being done to maintain a fashionable look. Of course, for many men, their partners are still the ones doing the buying, but the money is still being spent, and more regularly than before.

Men now use moisturiser to ward off the wrinkles, different types of products for hair on their head and hair on their face, combs and conditioner as well as a wide range of fragrances for every day and special occasions. The whole ritual of a grooming process has become a popular staple of a mans day, probably leading to many more double ‘his n her’ sinks in new build homes for newly married couples!

One of the biggest differences to male grooming is that the role models aren’t all 20-something chiselled god-like creatures anymore, but a wide spectrum of ages. Male grooming is now something that a teenager right through to a pensioner can take part in to try and look their best for the day (and night) ahead. Rather than doing it for pleasure, as women have traditionally looked upon their beauty products, men generally tend to look at the grooming process as one of maintenance; that is, working hard to gain and maintain a look, rather than going through the process to enjoy that as an end itself. It is this outlook that has led to the male moisturiser as being seen as a staple of the grooming process, rather than a product you wouldn’t be seen dead with just a few short years ago.


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