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Published On October 25, 2016 | By Adam Morg | Online Shopping

Starting a restaurant or running a catering company can be an exciting prospect; it can also be very difficult. If you have already been running your business for a little while or if you’ve worked in a restaurant before, you know how difficult it can be to keep the business above water. Most restaurants fail in the first year of operation, and those that survive typically fail within five years. The most common problem with any struggling restaurant is the high amount of overhead. Startup costs can be prohibitive, and they can sink your business. If you keep the costs low, you can survive for longer and begin turning a profit much quicker. This article outlines a few of the essential items that every caterer needs and where to find them.

Chef Knives

Chef knives are typically available in three different styles: santoku, French, and German. Santoku knives are Japanese knives that are traditionally more square-shaped than other varieties, and they feature a lightweight, thin blade. They don’t rock back and forth in the way that other knives move on a cutting board. If you prefer a chopping cut to a rocking cut, a Santoku knife is the perfect selection. Alternately, if you like to rock the knife on the cutting board, you should consider a German knife. German knives are the heaviest of the three aforementioned styles. They feature heavy spines and thick handles. Also, they have round bellies that allow you to rock them on the cutting board. They’re also great if you have to cut through a lot of bone or through thick, fatty sections of meat.

French knives are arguably the most popular knives among the professional chef community. These implements come to a very sharp point; much sharper than their counterparts. They have narrower bellies and thinner blades. This makes them a little more difficult to manoeuvre on a cutting board in particular, but they are much more functional in general.

When you are trying to choose what kind of knife you want, you should browse through catering supplies online. Online retailers have wider selections and feature lower prices in comparison to brick and mortar stores. They have lower overhead, so they’re able to provide you with much better prices across the board.

Serving Supplies

Obviously, serving your food is one of the most important aspects of catering an event. You need to find great serving supplies to help you create a mood that embodies the aura of your event. That’s why it’s so important to order your supplies online. When you order your goods online, you can find a much wider variety of products. For example, a formal event might call for pewter or silver serving platters. On the other hand, a less formal party might require aluminium serving dishes. Disposable serving dishes are appropriate in some circumstances, whereas fine dishes are more appropriate for others. Ordering your supplies online allows you to find a wide assortment of various dishes, all of which are affordable.

Catering is a great profession that provides you with the opportunity to cook food for many different occasions. It is rewarding and exciting; however, you have to make sure you are buying the best supplies at the best prices.

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