Which Fabrics Should You Be Wearing To Fight The Heat This Summer?

Published On March 21, 2017 | By Adam Morg | Shopping

During summers, we all want to wear light, comfortable and airy dresses, which can make us feel cool. Choosing dresses for a new weather isn’t only difficult due to the task of choosing from various new designs, but also because one has to be careful in choosing the fabric.

Wool and polyester aren’t a suitable choice for summers and one need to switch to the fabric which can beat the heat. This guide will brief you about the fabrics, which are good to be worn in summers and how you can choose a suitable summer friendly fabric.

How to Choose a Fabric For Summer Cloth?

There are certain qualities, which you should pay attention to while choosing summer-friendly fabrics.

  • Lightweight

The chosen fabrics should be breathable and lightweight.  To check the same, you need to hold the fabric in your hands and see whether it is light and airy of not. In case the fabric feels light, you can pick it for a summer wear. Any fabric that looks very heavy will make you feel uncomfortable and sweaty in the heat.

  • Breathable

Apart from being lightweight, you need to ensure that the chosen fabric is breathable. For this you can look for some natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk and rayon etc.  Fine threads and loose weaves make a breathable garment which will not only retain air and moisture, but will also keep you cool. Therefore, go for linen and cotton clothes this summer to keep yourself cool and comfortable.

  • Color

Choice of colors is important in summers. Light colors help you in being cool as they fight against the heat. Therefore, go for light colors such as white, yellow, light green, pastel shades etc. On the contrary, dark shades such as black, blue, grey etc. absorb the heat and make you feel heated up. Nowadays, there are various designer and lightweight morning dresses available online. You can have a look at http://www.310rosemont.com to find a suitable dress at an affordable price.

  • Loose Fitting Clothes

Tight clothes can make you feel stuck and heated up. Therefore, whenever you go out for a summer shopping, choose loose and airy dresses. Loose clothes not only make you feel comfortable and breathable, but you feel less hot in spite of high temperatures.

Apart from this, have a look at the patterns of dresses. Light dresses with easy patterns can make you feel more comfortable than complicated patterns. Floral dresses, tees and loose tops work well for summers. Tees can be used both as a casual and semi-formal wear.


Hope this guide will brief you on the type of fabrics that you should be choosing this summer.


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